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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

The last five years have seen new breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence. From driverless cars to automated medical diagnosis, AI promises to transform many aspects of the global economy and society in the decades to come.

In view of the dystopian visions of AI that dominate the popular imagination in China and the West, there is a pressing need for a wider societal dialogue about the risks and benefits of AI and how best to ensure its beneficial development into the future.

What are the ethical implications of the AI revolution? How should businesses, governments, and societal actors ensure that AI development respects the dignity of the human person and serves the common good? What resources do the humanities and the social sciences bring to these questions in China and the West?


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Seminar on A.I. and the Human Person: Chinese and Western Perspectives

On April 4-5, the China Forum for Civilizational Dialogue brought together Chinese and Western thought leaders to explore the implications of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution for the human person and society.

The seminar, hosted by Santa Clara University and cosponsored by the Pontifical…


A.I. and the Human Person (Video)

April 4, 2019

Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes